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Lessons from Lot

by on June 24, 2012

Lessons to Learn from the Life of Lot – Genesis 13-19


The life of Lot is a study in contrasts. The Bible tells us that he was a righteous man. On the other hand, he lived in a very sinful environment that eventually took a toll on his family and influence. Old Testament accounts are true stories that God has given to us to teach us His principles and to teach us how to live. When we read and study these stories we learn how to order our lives and how to avoid making the mistakes some of these persons made. Blessings as you consider the following outline and study.

I. Lot was personally a righteous man

He was a righteous man – II Peter 2:7-8

He was troubled by the behavior of wicked people

His message was apparently very clear

He maintained his personal integrity until his later days

He did not personally conform to the sinful behaviors of Sodom

He offered shelter for the “men” of God who came to Sodom – 19:1-4

He pleaded with the men of Sodom to not sin – 19:7-8

He experienced God’s protection – 19:10-11

He had God’s protection – 19:21

He had power with God – 19:21

II. Even though Lot was a righteous man he made many wrong choices

He chose the well watered plains of Sodom – 13:10-11

Instead of preferring Abraham (his elder relative)

          This is an attitude of selfishness and material focus

He pitched his tent toward Sodom – a very vile city – 13:12

Instead of choosing a safe environment for his family

          This is a longing for the ease and excitement of the sinful world

He ignored a warning experience of being taken captive – 14:12-16

Abraham had to rescue him and his goods and people

          He missed an opportunity to readjust his values and priorities

He sat in the gate in Sodom (likely a political position) – 19:1

Instead of cultivating power with God

          He depended on his personal ability to persuade and convict the people

He stayed too long in a place of increasing Spiritual danger

Instead of fleeing the sinful exposure and influence

          He thought he could serve the world and God at the same time

He honored a local, sinful custom regarding hospitality – 19:8

Instead of honoring God’s truth and his own integrity

          He allowed the wicked world to determine his ethical system

 III. As a result of his wrong choices Lot experienced many Spiritual losses

He lost his discernment

– called the wicked men of Sodom, “brothers” -19: 7

He lost his wisdom

– offered virgin daughters to wicked men – 19:8

He lost his influence over the people of Sodom

-they accused him of trying to be their judge – 19:9

He did not have the influence over them that he thought he had

He lost the respect of the people he was trying to help

– wicked men threatened him – 19:9

He lost his influence over his family

– sons in law thought he was joking – 19: 14

He lost his family

– sons and sons in law and daughters died inSodom

he may have lost grandchildren also

He lost his discretion

– did not know when to leave the city – 19:16-17

He lost his Spiritual sensitivity

– resisted God’s directions – 19:18

He lost his courage

– did not want to live in the countryside (with Abraham) – 19:19

He lost his obedience to God

– expected God to adjust His plan for him – 19:19-20

He lost his wife

– her heart apparently was still inSodom, she disobeyed – 19:26

He lost his new home

– God destroyed that also – 19:29

He lost his purity

– daughters committed incest with him – 19:30-38

(These offspring became enemies of God’s people)

He lost years of his life in unprofitable ministry

His daughters lost their faith in God’s ability to provide needs

His daughters appeared familiar with wicked heathen practices


Good people can make wrong choices that result in Spiritual losses in their own lives and the lives of others and the Church, even to the loss of salvation. In Galatians 2:13, even the good man Barnabas was carried away with Peter’s hypocrisy. Wrong choices of Church leaders are devastating to (the future of) the Church.

Application – Lessons for us to learn

We can stay in an ungodly environment too long

We can be righteous, as Lot was, and still lose our families and our witness

We can overestimate our ability to successfully confront sin and wickedness

Current example:

Wrong choices about the Scriptures set the pattern for lack of discernment and vision.

God turns people/societies over to destructive behaviors when they reject His Word.

Selfish choices in temporal matters indicate lack of Spiritual wisdom.

Continual cooperation with sinful society erodes our Spiritual sensitivity.

We can lose our reward if we make wrong choices about life I Cor. 3:12-15

Abraham (living in the hill country) had more power with God over the city

than did Lot who sat in the gate.

We should not accept rewards of unrighteousness – 14:21-24.

Abraham refused even a thread or shoe latchet.

Where there is no vision the people perish!

God wants to interrupt our wrong direction and re-chart our course.

God wants to change our wrong choices so they can become stepping stones.

God wants to turn our mistakes into lessons for our ministry.

God wants to take our life and make us a blessing to hurting people.

God wants us to learn from and not repeat the mistakes of others.

Ps. 1 – If you walk in the counsel of the ungodly – and

          Stand in the way of sinners – you will eventually

                   Sit in the seat of the scornful

Abraham knew that he had to make a choice between God and this world’s ways. Lot thought he could have it both ways. Some people today are making this same mistake. They will pay the same high price. Lot might have saved the city if he had saved all of his own family. He did not. Even Abraham overestimated the number of righteous people in the city. God’s judgment is exacting. God told them one time what was going to happen. He told them one time what to do.  He kept His Word. Judgment is coming for this world and for our lives. Judgment will begin at the house of God. What are we going to do?  Leaders are responsible for their people.

Ezekiel 16:49 Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fullness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy. And they were haughty, and committed abomination before me: therefore I took them away as I saw good. Pride and haughtiness precede decisions to reject God’s Word. Judgment follows.

We cannot have it both ways. Is it God or Sodom? Is it our way or God’s Truth? We cannot allow a double standard. Scripture must be our final authority. Which will it be for us? Consider the losses if we allow Sodom’s pride into our lives and allow decisions that expose ourselves and our Church to the judgment of a Holy God. When people do not stand on the authority and obedience of the Scriptures, God will give them over to degrading, ungodly behaviors and to judgment. That is what Romans 1 says.

When Churches make wrong decisions it is time to confess and repent and return to the Truth of the Scriptures. It is time to listen to the prophets and the Scriptures before it is too late. Jesus said that it will be better for Sodom in the day of judgment than for those of us who have Jesus and His Word and have not obeyed (Matt. 10:15, 11:23). If we reject His Word, He will reject us. His Truth will stand.

Lot did save himself. However, I Tim. 4:16 says, Take heed unto thyself, and unto the doctrine; continue in them: for in doing this thou shalt both save thyself, and them that hear thee. That is the responsibility of those who have been called to preach and teach. The whole counsel of God is the only message we have to offer. Consider the choices Lot made. Consider the losses Lot experienced. We cannot afford to follow that course.

I Cor. 15:33 – “evil associations corrupt good behaviors” – individually and corporately.

We tend to become like the people with whom we associate and the influences we allow. It is our choice today.

Frank Reed

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