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by on September 28, 2012

Lessons I learned as an administrator

Spiritual guidance for ministry

When I was called to an administrative position there were decisions that I needed to make.  Maintaining my personal emotional and Spiritual health was very important. Leaders must be healthy persons in order to convey Spiritual health to the people.

Following is a list of parameters that I established as personal standards and practices.

1. No one else is ultimately responsible.

  • Ultimately, I must answer to God.
  • I sit where the “buck stops.”
  • I will assume full responsibility for everything that happens here.
  • I will be responsible to those persons whom God has placed as my authority.
  • I will be responsible for those whom God has placed under my authority.
  • I will not submit to authority that is not Spiritually healthy for my people.
  • I will not expose my people to authority that is not Biblical.
  • I will warn my people about teaching that is not Biblical.

2. There are different kinds of people I have to work with

  • Instigators – these are the trouble makers, there are very few of them (thankfully).
  • Innovators – these are the ones with lots of good, new ideas (They can easily be mistaken for trouble makers, but they are not).
  • Manipulators -these are the worst kind. They are smoozing and agreeable as long as they think they are controlling me. As soon as I have to confront them or counter any of their ideas they turn belligerent (this is also manipulation). “Be not afraid of their faces” (Ez. 3:9, Jer. 1:8). They are very insecure people (although neither they nor those they influence would believe this).
  • Imitators- these are the most common. This is not bad. There have to be more followers than leaders. Christianity is basically imitation. I also need to be an imitator of the Master teacher.

3. There are many voices wanting to be heard.

  • Some voices are loud and persuasive; some are quiet and timid.

(The quiet ones usually have more content than the loud ones).

  • My job is to choose which voices my people need to hear.
  • The loud ones need to silenced (or marginalized) so the quiet ones can be heard. (This is not always fun but it must be done).
  • I will (personally) listen to all, but be controlled by none.

4. I need a vision of where these people and ministry are going.

  • Next week
  • Next year
  • Five years from now
  • Ten years from now
  • I need to “groom” someone to eventually take my place.
  • I will focus on developing leadership among the youth.

5. I need to know how to get my people to where they need to go.

  • I need to be a “philosophical architect.”
  • I need to be a “man of Issachar” (I Chron. 12:32).

6. I need to be perceptive and recognize the gifts of the people.

  • God has placed many gifts under my charge.
  • These gifts are to bless, guide and mature His people.
  • I am responsible to see that these gifts are utilized.

7. I am a leader, not a moderator.

  • I will be graciously but firmly in charge.
  • I will not simply arbitrate discussion.
  • I will set the direction and the tone.
  • I will bring conviction and resolution to the discussion.
  • I will defend the truth and explain how it applies to each situation.
  • Truth with love will be my highest goal.

8.  I will defend the less capable.

  • There will be no bullies (not on my watch).
  • Those who tend to be ignored will know that I am their friend.

9. I will stay current.

  • I will read the appropriate materials.
  • I will know what is happening in the appropriate circles of people.

10. I will guard my own heart.

  • My personal purity of action and intent will guard the integrity of my people.
  • My direction will come from daily devotion with the Great Administrator.
  • Someday historians will evaluate everything I have done.
  • I will live with an eternal perspective.

11. I will seek wise counsel.

  • I will gather good/wise men around me – men who will challenge me and hold me accountable.
  • I will not be controlled by ideologies – I will seek and teach truth.

12. I will hear the voice of God.

  • I will invest time in the Scripture
  • I will hear and obey the Holy Spirit in my life and the life of this ministry.
  • I will take the weight of this responsibility to God – it is His ministry.

13. I will be a shepherd of God’s flock

  • I will shepherd my own family – wife and children.
  • I will shepherd the flock that God has placed under my care.
  • I will guide the under-shepherds that God has placed under my leadership.
  • I “claimed” the ministry by “prayer walking” the property when no one else was there.

Note: Each group will consist mostly of followers. There will be a few “bad” leaders and a few “good” leaders.

The bad leaders must be detected and either brought into the orbit early or else marginalized so they do not corrupt the entire group.

The good leaders must be encouraged and reinforced so they have opportunity to lead – servant leadership .

Read Psalm 101 for direction in keeping a pure life.

God is looking for and preparing leaders for His people. Our faithfulness as leaders is critical for the continuation of God’s Church. Blessings to all leaders who have purposed to live lives of absolute integrity and faithfulness.

Frank Reed – this is my personal model for ministry.

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