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What does it mean to be a Godly woman?

by on December 6, 2012

What does it mean to be a Godly woman?

It means to be feminine as distinct from masculine

It means to be created in the image of God

It means to be the crowning glory of God’s creation

It means to be the glory of mankind

It means to represent unique aspects of God

It means to be the complementary part of God’s plan for human creation

It means to be creative


God created mankind in His own image. He created them, male and female. Both men and women possess unique aspects of the image of God. As those aspects are joined and experienced, they express the image of God. It takes that togetherness to be the image of their Creator.


God’s final creative work was to make woman. Woman is the crowning glory of God’s creation. God placed His heart of love into woman. She is created to be a nurturer. Her tastes are finer than man’s. Her heart is softer. Her conscience more sensitive. Her love more pure. Her intentions less suspect. She is the glory of the creation.


Woman is the glory of man and of mankind. Her form and grace are unique in the entire universe. Specifically her hair is given for her glory. She is the object of masculine love. Man’s heart is inexplicably drawn to her. She is the glory of man.


Woman is to complete man. He is not complete without her. He needs her refinement and she needs his strength. They are meant to be together. They are not in competition. Together they are completion as the image of God. In the words of Longfellow:


“As unto the bow the cord is,

So unto the man is woman;

Though she bends him, she obeys him,

Though she draws him, yet she follows;

Useless each without the other!


The Bible gives graphic expressions of the feminine aspects of God.

Matt. 23:37 “…as a hen gathers her chicks…”

I Thess. 2:7 “…gentle as a nurse cherishes her children…”

Is. 66:13 “I will comfort you as a child is comforted by his mother”

Is 49:15-16 “can a woman forget her nursing child and not have compassion? …”

Hosea 13:8 “…as a bear robbed of her cubs…”


These are impressive, feminine aspects of the character of God as expressed in Scripture. None of them are passive! The Hosea passage is particularly striking.  He is not talking about a “papa bear.” This is clearly a “mamma bear.” Love, nourishment, comfort and protection are special characteristics of God that He has placed in women.


The Bible also provides real life examples of Godly womanhood-

The prayerfulness of Hannah

I Samuel 1:10-12, 20, 27-2:1

Her song I Samuel 2:1-10

Her son – Samuel

The faithfulness of Ruth


Her song – Ruth 1:16-17

Her son – Obed, Jesse, David …..Jesus

The determination of the Shunamite woman

II Kings 4 and 8

Her son – brought back to life

The courage Of Esther


Her commitment – Esther 4:14-16

The devotion of Mary

Luke 1:26-45

Her song Luke 1:46-55

Her son – Jesus

The vision of Deborah

Judges 4-5

Her song Judges 5

The industry of Dorcas

Acts 9:36-42

Her works Acts 9:39

The faith of Lois and Eunice

II Timothy 1:5

Her son/grandson – Timothy


How impressive – through the difficulties of life, God provides women with strength to display His strength. He displays His strength and blessing through women as His creation. Many times women expressed themselves in song. How impressive. In the midst of uncertainly, they found the grace of poetry and music to express their heart to God.


As a woman, read the songs of the women of the Bible. Feel that strength. That is God’s strength. It is available to you today. God has created you. He has placed you here to be unique in His creation. Love Him today. Serve Him today. Fill your role in His Kingdom. This is your time. That is what it means to be a Godly woman.

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