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What does it mean to be a Godly man?

by on December 7, 2012

                   What does it mean to be a Godly man?

 It means to be God’s resident representative

It means to be what God wants a man to be

“The world is looking for better methods; God is looking for better men”

It means to be a man of conviction

To love what God loves and hate what God hates (Job 1:1).

To be a Spiritual warrior –

We are on turf claimed by Satan but given to us by God – claim it!

Recognize the “devices of Satan”

Be a man of prayer.

Make moment-by-moment, incident-by-incident decisions for God

Develop the Spiritual gift(s) God has given to you.

Use that gift(s) in building God’s kingdom

To seek healing from God for any hurts and wounds in your life.

Internal disorder can produce attempts to create external order

To love God’s word, the Bible and invest time in knowing God.

Read the Bible with a hungry heart and mind

Obey the teachings of the Scripture.

Commit passages of the Bible to memory.

Be able to explain what you beliefs

It means to be a man of Courage

To live a life of integrity

Absolute honesty at all times.

Learn to ask forgiveness

Learn to stand alone

To face evil and confront it with Scripture and Godly living

To not allow bullies to hurt people

To illustrate truth by your life

To live a life of mercy and truth

Have the wisdom to know when to use mercy

And when to use truth

It means to be a man of Character –

To use your life for Godly purposes

To prepare for marriage, fatherhood, and family life.

Prepare for life work

Learn skills

Work diligently

Save money

To never allow pornography in your life in any way

To save all sexual experience for marriage

Have a focused sexuality – focused on your wife (or wife to be)

Not molest boys or introduce them to sexual activity

Never tell, or listen to, off-color stories

Treat young women as sisters and older women as mothers

Never take advantage of women in any way

Never molest any girl or woman

Be a protector and defender of women

All women should feel safe in your presence

Never view or touch a girl or woman in an inappropriate manner

To be a man of Commitment –

Absolute commitment to God and His Word

Be a servant to His Church

To be a loving husband

Absolute fidelity to wife – (your body belongs to her I Cor. 7:4)

Meet needs of wife-she does not have to earn your respect, she deserves it

Women spell love – S-E-C-U-R-I-T-Y

If you do not provide security she will not express love to you

Love your wife sacrificially

Do not be bitter against her

Make decisions together

Work together – help her with her work

Care for children when you come home from work

(She has been waiting all day for this and she will love you for it)

To be a Father

Provide for the family

Be a servant – under orders from God to serve others, not to please self

Take charge, make decisions, do not be passive just to “keep wife happy”

Be a spiritual leader in the home

Be a role model

Train up children

Protect children from physical and spiritual dangers

Play together, Work together, Teach, Discipline

Be emotionally involved in children’s lives

Be Strong!

Be Gentle!

Only the strong can afford to be gentle – the weak have to be cruel   

          To be gentle is to assert strength – to be cruel is to prove weakness

Are you a man of God? God needs men who are absolutely sold-out to Him.

As a man, pattern your life after Jesus and other men who followed God with no reservation. Love God with all your heart. Fear to break His heart. Use your strength of mind and body to build His Kingdom.  You are here to represent God on this earth. God has given you a part of His Kingdom to build. That is the call on your life. That is what it means to be a Godly man.

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