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Holy Week

by on March 26, 2013


This is Holy Week

The events of this week are recorded in Sacred history. These events are considered holy. This is Holy Week. The Holy One was here. He lived and died. He walked and talked and worked. He learned. He suffered. He loved. And He was rejected. Since He lived here – lived here as we do – all of life is holy. This is Holy Week but now…

Now – all weeks are holy, and all work is holy, and all life is holy. Because He, He who was/is God became human, lived here on this earth. He lived and died and He was/is holy. Now all of life is holy. His Holiness invaded His terrestrial creation. He turned water into wine. He turned death into life. He turned sadness into joy. He turned drudgery into holiness. Daily work became daily blessing.

All of life is holy because He was here and He is holy. Farming is holy. Baking bread is holy. Teaching and studying are holy. Being a nurse is holy. All of life is holy. Because He was here and He is holy. All life of all believers is holy.

Holy – to be set apart. Set apart from wrong and sin. Set apart from all that is wrong. Whatever we do can be holy if we are holy. If we are set apart. Set apart from sin and wrong and abuse and politics and dishonesty and pride, and, and …

Even suffering is holy because it sets us apart. Apart to Him. He lived this week facing certain death. Like us. We live out our weeks facing certain death. And life. Life because He is life. On the other side of death was/is life. Life forever and forever. And so, even death is holy. It sets us apart. Apart from the temptations and sins of this life. Death is the eventual true holiness – it sets us apart from the presence of sin and tears and death. Like Him.

Like Him in His life and like Him in His death. All of life is holy. Whether we live or whether we die we are the Lord’s. Not only is this week holy – all weeks are holy no matter their sorrow or joy. They are holy because He is holy and we are His and so we are also holy. This week and all weeks until our holy week. The week we live before we die. Die to live. Die to live again – forever.

And so we live and so we die to live forever. He was despised and rejected of men, and so are we. It is part of being holy. We live – and He lives – in us. And His life in us gives us life to live each week, each day, each hour, each minute, each breath – holy.

Holy for Him because He is holy for us. Wholly for Him because He is wholly for us.




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