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by on March 28, 2013


Good Friday


The Creator was crowned with the curse of creature disobedience.

Could it be? How could it be?

He who was clothed with the glory of Heaven – now naked with the shame of earth.

He whose voice spoke worlds into existence – now silent before His accusers.

He whose word is eternal – now with words of pain and rejection.

He who created the trees – now hanging on one of His trees.

Could it be? How could it be?

I could call My Father, and He would provide me with more than twelve legions of angels.

Can you imagine, Angels waiting the order to rescue their Lord? The order did not come, and did not come, and did not come. Surely those, whose voices heralded His birth, could be summoned to rescue Him now. But, No. It was not to be.

Salvation, which angels longingly desire to understand, was now unfolding before their eyes. They saw but did not understand. They could not know how much God loved His creation. The creation that rejected Him – their Creator.

No wonder the sky went dark. No wonder earth was silent. The sadnesses of all time were wrapped in this moment.


All sadnesses are lost in this sadness.

All struggles must be cast in the light of this moment.

All pain lost in this pain.


But, It is finished!

Salvation is finished.

He took our sin upon Himself and it is finished.

Through the eternal Spirit He offered Himself to God.

It is finished!


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