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Biblical Culture – Godly Woman – Ruth

by on April 23, 2013

Ruth: the Moabitess

Grief and Peace in the Midst of Life’s Storms

Grief – overwhelming feeling and sense of loss

–         heavy burden of having to carry more than your share of the load

–         process of walking through a deep valley of emotional pain

Grief and Healing in the Book of Ruth

Chapter 1

 1. Areas of loss

1-left their country

3-left alone

5-left alone

6-7-left place of living

14-left Orpha

2. Evidence of loss

1-no government




4-ungodly marriage




13-bitter experience





3.  Facing the loss honestly


2-move again

8-13-Naomi’s speech – the facts

9-14-the choices

 4. Finding hope in the LORD in the midst of loss

6- LORD – word of healing

8-LORD – word of blessing

9-LORD – word of peace

13-LOR – word of truth

17-LORD – word of promise

21-LORD – Word of discipline (Hebrews 12:5-11)

 5. Personal decision, commitment and determination in the midst of loss

10- decision

14- re-affirmation (cling to the decision)

16- 17-commitment verbalized

Ruth saw the LORD in her life situation

18- determination

19- long, difficult, dangerous journey (60 miles)

22- return

beginning of harvest – Joy and restoration

Ruth met God in her personal commitment to follow Him

  • The cause of grief is typically the perception of some type of loss

Dealing with grief

Experience the loss

Face the loss

Mourn the loss

Accept the loss as God’s working in your life

  • The result of grief can be to become better or to become bitter

Grow and become stronger from the exercise of pain

Accept your new identity as a person strengthened by sorrow

Jesus was a man of sorrow and acquainted with grief

Realize that suffering is a part of the Christian life

Do not spend your life trying to escape all suffering

Minister healing to others as one who has walked this way before

OR as one who is still walking this way

Have you experienced loss?

Have you experienced grief?

It is important to allow grief to have its work in your life

Have you experienced peace?

Peace is knowing that God has all things under His control

Peace is knowing that God has your best in mind

Peace is knowing that God loves you

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