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Breathe Upon us, Holy Spirit

by on April 28, 2013

Breathe upon us, Holy Spirit,
as adoringly we bow
at these altars, pure and sacred,
paying thee our solemn vow.
All our feeble graces quicken
with the streams of thy sweet grace,
and make glorious with thy presence
this thy holy dwelling place.

Thou art pure and thou art holy;
Jesus, make us more like thee.
Thou art meek and thou art lowly;
so may we thy children be.
Shed abroad thy love within us,
fill our souls with light divine.
Holy Spirit, seal, anoint us,
and our earthliness refine.

Now receive us, as repentant
to thy heart of love we fly.
Pardon all our sin and folly,
lead us to thyself on high.
Oh, these hearts need thy refining,
and the cleansing of thy blood!
Consecrate and make us holy,
through redemption’s crimson flood.
Here shall love, like sacred incense,
upward mount to thy great throne,
from the cleansed heart and conscience
of a people all thine own.
Humble are the gifts we bring thee,
and upon thine altar lay,
yet be gracious to thy children
as they worship thee today.


Elisha Hoffman  1899

From → Bible, Poems

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