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Brethren History – External Challenges

by on May 2, 2013

 Intense Challenges over the years


External challenges


  • Early history- persecution

Solidified and strengthened Brethren beliefs and practices


  • Later history – liberalism
    Eroded the Biblical basis for the Brethren groups


  • More recent history – evangelicalism

Blurred  the lines between Anabaptist and Protestant thought


  • Current experience – post modernism

Expressed – as modern Christianity

Essentially – removing propositional truth

Emphasis  – love, spirit, mercy, grace, kindness

Premise – unity is more important than truth

Is taking the Brethren into the post modern world of tolerance


The Church is the pillar and ground of the Truth

Truth dare never be compromised

Truth that has been compromised must be regained

Truth must be presented with love, spirit, mercy, grace, kindness

But –      Truth must be primary

Truth will separate from wrong

Truth will set you free

There will always be enemies of the truth

There will always be fellow helpers to the truth

This is our day

God is calling us to be faithful in this day


Will you recognize the dangers of this day?

Will you stand for the truth that will set you free?

Will you preserve the truth for the next generation?



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