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Brethren History – Internal Challenges

by on May 3, 2013



Internal challenges and problems

  • Lack of vision
  • Preferring politics over prophets
  • Rewarding loyalty over integrity
  • Creating heroes – deference to bigger-than-life persons
  • Lack of shepherding in congregations
  • Lack of teaching doctrine and practical Christian living
  • Ignoring the prophets that God has sent
  • Thinking that we are above scrutiny
  • Ignoring obvious wrong/unbiblical decisions
  • Ignoring our own history
  • Ignoring huge numerical losses
  • Ignoring the loss of concept of community
  • Discounting the loss of youth
  • Continual drift in worldly direction
  • Making many changes/revisions to historic Annual meeting decisions

Any decision can be changed by mutual agreement

Why would any more decisions mean anything?

What would be the purpose of making more decisions?


Move from “The Gospel says…” to “ We decide…” in the decision making process

Historically the Bible was the answer – That is no longer true

“We decide” what “we” want to be “true”


Brethren groups have lost and continue to lose members.

Old Order Brethren groups are growing very slowly

While some Anabaptist groups are doubling every twenty years

It is time to start asking some hard questions about leadership and vision among the Brethren groups.


All of this is well documented in the histories of the Brethren



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