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Love Won

by on May 13, 2013

Bishop von Galen


In Muenster, Germany stands a statue of Clemens August Graf von Galen. He was a clergyman during two world wars. He was an outspoken critic of the Third Reich. His sermons were secretly duplicated and distributed in Germany and far beyond. His teaching became a rallying point for those who opposed the Nazi party.

He fully expected to be arrested by the Gestapo. The Nazis wanted to hang him but they were afraid. The problem: the people of Muenster loved their minister. The Nazis knew that if they touched the beloved pastor they would have a revolt on their hands. Were the Nazis afraid of revolt? Not really. They were not afraid of anything – almost…

To accost a beloved leader of the people would raise a firestorm for which even the Nazis were not prepared. To arrest the pastor would mean to awaken action in the hearts of his parishioners. The Nazis were afraid. They could not afford to harm him. What would they do? How could they hurt him?

Their plan: arrest 24 priests and at least 12 other clergy and deport them to concentration camps where many of them would die.

Evil is evil is evil. That plan hurt the pastor more than his own arrest would have hurt him. He was free, but his heart was deeply pained.

Standing beside his statue, my mind and heart were touched by what the love of people can do. I pondered how he must have loved his people and how much they must have loved him. It became a pattern for me. Love your work and love your people.

It is the same today. Evil is evil. Evil will always try to hurt. They will succeed. One way or another, they will succeed. For now.

Von Galen lived through the war. He lived through two world wars. Love won. It was not easy but love won.

Love won.

It will win today.

Which side will you be on?

On which side will you be?

Will you be evil or

Will you be love?

Love will win.

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