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Alexander Mack – Count the Cost – Poem

by on June 5, 2013

Count the Cost

Alexander Mack

Translated by Ora Garber

Christ Jesus says, “Count well the cost

When you lay the foundation.”

Are you resolved, though all seem lost

To risk your reputation,

Your self, your wealth, for Christ the Lord

As you now give your solemn word?


Into Christ’s death you’re buried now

Through baptism’s joyous union.

No claim of self dare you allow

If you desire communion

With Christ’s true Church, His willing Bride,

Which, through His Word, He has supplied.


When from the heart all sin you loathe,

Then you will be succeeding

Yourself with righteousness to clothe.

The struggle still proceeding,

Your righteousness can hold at bay

This world’s false god, athwart your way.


Within the church’s warm embrace

The child of God is molded,

God’s Spirit lighting up his face

And by His grace enfolded.

His childlike steps trace out Christ’s plan

And He becomes a godly man.


In Christian growth he is matured,

Of fruitful vines a token.

That this good growth may be assured,

Oft times to him is broken

The bread of fellowship replete

When Christ’s redeemed together meet.







Within the Church’s sheltering fold

God is His truth revealing;

Through Christ, His Son, all men are told

To heed His warm appealing,

For all the truth through Him made known

Is sealed with blood that is His own.


His testimony is as true

As when the church received it

Long years ago, while it was new,

And with glad hearts believed it.

Through signs that dare not be denied,

The new has pushed the old aside


By means of wonder and of sign

God brought the old to being.

As later years brought its decline

There was not need of seeing.

When Joshua had heard it read,

His faith required no sign, he said.


He who has faith in God’s sure Word

Will not demand a token.

When Christ rebuked the evil horde,

Their unbelief plain spoken,

He showed a sign at their request,

But they remained quite unimpressed.


Consider well what Abraham said

When the right man suggested,

From that realm of the tortured dead,

That Lazarus be requested

To warn his brothers of hell’s pain

While in this world they yet remain.


That boon by Abraham was denied.

From all that is deceiving

The heart must be made right inside

E’re there can be believing;

The law and the prophetic Word

Project faith’s light upon our Lord.


Against false teaching guard your heart.

Some practice at deceiving

And make it seem, by sinful art,

As if to Christ they’re cleaving.

If from Christ’s Word one does not teach,

His words are but deceptive speech.


Up, sons of men! The time is right

To ward off ills impending,

For Christ himself joins in the fight,

His righteous realm defending.

To do this, have the mind of Christ;

His Word at all times has sufficed.



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