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Alexander Mack’s comments on His “New” Church

by on June 17, 2013

Alexander Mack’s comments on His “New” Church


We have indeed no new church, nor any new laws; but in simplicity and true faith, we desire to remain with the original church which Christ founded through his blood.

We wish to obey the commandment which was in the beginning. 

We do not demand that undoubted divinity be recognized in our church fellowship.

Rather, we would wish that undoubted divinity might indeed be recognized in Christ Himself and then in the Church at Jerusalem. 

If this and its divinity in teaching, words, and commandments were to be acknowledged, 

Then it could be determined whether a church has this divine teaching in it or not. 

If this is realized, then we think that it would be sufficient to prefer that church before all other churches in the whole world, if like a faithful wife, she is obedient to her husband, Christ, in all his commandments, and labors to become still more submissive. 

Whoever has not known Christ in the divinity of His commandments will hardly recognize His church even if the twelve apostles were serving as its bishop and teachers. 

Alexander Mack (Complete Writings of Alexander Mack p.39 )


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