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by on July 7, 2013

Can people trust you? Can you be trusted? Are you trustworthy?
If you are trusted to keep a secret, can you do that? If you are trusted with something that is not yours, what do you do?

Think of it like this – If you gave me ten thousand dollars cash and asked me to deposit it in your bank account, what would I do? What would you expect me to do?

There are two questions.
• One – whose money is this?
• Two – who has control of it?

These are two important questions. Critical questions. Questions of trust.
It is your money but I have control of it. It is critical that I remember that it is yours and treat it like it is yours. My only choice is to act with integrity and do exactly what is best with the money. That is the way I earn and preserve your trust in me.

Working with people is exactly the same. If you can be trusted, people will trust you. When they share details of their life with you they expect you to be trustworthy. The facts belong to them but, you are in control of the facts because they have trusted you.

Can you be trusted? Are people safe with you? If you are and they are, you will find yourself trusted with many details of many lives. Trust is the key ingredient when working with people.

Allow them time to build trust in you and never, ever break that trust. Keep in mind that their information is not yours. They have trusted you with details of their lives. Honor them by being a person they can trust.


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