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Sharpen Your Axe

by on July 13, 2013



Two men were having a contest to see which one could cut down the most trees in the shortest time. Both of them were very strong. One of them was also wise.

The first man chopped with all his might and felled many trees. He wasted no time. He went from one tree to another in his attempt to win the contest.

The other man stopped between trees to sharpen his axe. He would fell one tree and then sit down and sharpen his axe before he went on to chop down the next tree.

The first man thought this to be foolish. He was wrong.

It took a while but, at last the second man caught up to the first man. The first man never caught up again. The sharp axe took much less energy to wield and felled trees far more easily.

Which are you? Are you busy and hurrying to “fell as many trees” as possible today? You may be very strong. But, are you wise? Wisdom is so very important in life. It is in very short supply. Sometimes wisdom seems foolish.

It takes time to sharpen an axe. It takes time to read the Bible. It takes time to study and teach. It takes time to invest in children. Life takes time. We can fill it by being busy and working hard or, we can fill it by taking time to prepare and keep our minds, bodies, and spirits sharp and ready for the next task.

What about you?

Is your “axe” sharp?

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