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Caring For the Hearts of the People

by on July 21, 2013



Many people’s hearts are very available. Too available. Many of them are ready and willing to give their heart to the first person expressing some care for them. They can be very trusting – too trusting.


On the other hand, there are people who will give their heart to no one. They are so guarded that their heart is not available. They may have been hurt or abused. They may have known rejection or serious loss. They cannot afford another loss or injury, so they guard their heart carefully. Too carefully. Many times these people are numb to emotional experiences.


How to help them?


Trust is the primary quality for persons who can adequately care for hearts


  • Earn trust by speaking truth
  • Earn trust by showing love
  • Earn trust by showing absolute respect
  • Earn trust by expressing empathy
  • Earn trust by having genuine compassion
  • Earn trust by listening carefully
  • Earn trust by speaking words of hope


When trust is earned, people will open their heart to be cared for and for healing


  • Value their heart – show them that they are valuable
  • “Carry” the heart until they can receive it back again
  • Recognize that their heart does not belong to you
  • Share practical counsel
  • Help them learn to trust their own thoughts and opinions
  • Guide them to give their heart to God and to appropriate person(s).
  • Follow up on their progress
  • Gently release them to grow and develop Godly character


Whether hearts are too open or too closed, trust can overcome the struggles. Trust provides the basis for connection. Trust opens the door for caring.  Trust leads to a more real faith in God. Trust is the basis of community. Community is where we can  be safe because we can trust one another.



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