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The Gavel

by on August 14, 2013


The ring of the gavel signifies a concluded decision. Whoever has the gavel has the power.


Who wields the gavel in your life? Who should wield the gavel in your life?

The only correct answer to that question is: God. God has the gavel.

He alone has the power to declare someone justified or not.


Are you allowing someone else to wield the gavel in your life?

If you are you, are placing them in God’s place.

Do not allow people to wield the gavel in your life. Live a life of uprightness and integrity before God and He will judge you with equity – now and in eternity.

Some people hand the gavel to everyone they meet. By doing so, they place other persons in God’s role.

When we seek human approval so desperately that we hand each person we meet the opportunity to judge us, we are moving away from God. Only He has the right to be our judge.

Live for the audience-of-one and you will find freedom and security in His love and justice.  When you meet someone, meet them with the confidence that your heart is right with God. Do not hand the gavel to everyone you meet. They have no right to judge you and you have no obligation to allow them to do that.


  • To your own master you stand or fall.
  • Your master is God.
  • He alone has the right to judge you.
  • He will judge you with absolute justice and fairness.
  • You can trust Him for that.

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