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The Dentist and the Chainsaw

by on August 16, 2013

A few years ago I made the yearly visit to the dentist. After the usual small talk He gave me an injection of anesthesia. We visited a bit. He told me that his family was cutting and stacking firewood for the winter.

He emphasized that he does not use a chainsaw and does not stack wood. (I did wonder what he does while the others are working.) He stated emphatically that he cannot risk jeopardizing his hands and fingers by exposing them to possible injury. He makes his living with his hands. He needs his hands to be healthy and strong and sensitive and uninjured.

During the procedure I had time to meditate on what he said and how emphatic he was about what he said.

What about me? What is my calling in life? I am primarily a Bible teacher. That is God’s call on my life. That is my calling. That is my vocation. What about me? Can I afford to jeopardize the faculties of my life that are used in that vocation? Clearly, I cannot.

My mind and heart must be kept clear and clean of sin and harmful thoughts and distractions and dangers. If I allow sinful images to corrupt my mind and heart, the ministry of the Holy Spirit will be dulled in my life and my Spiritual discernment will be impaired or lost.

So, if/when temptations arise and if/when sinful images or words are presented to me, I reject them. I cannot allow contaminating data into my mind. I will not allow it. I dare not allow it. Why? Because, like the dentist, I cannot allow the faculties of my life to be jeopardized by sin. I cannot afford to have those sinful images or words or thoughts rise up in my mind when I am studying or presenting a message or ministering to a person in need.

Sinful images stay in the mind for a long time. Sometimes for an entire lifetime. Why? They stay because they were recorded in the mind with a powerful emotional component. That emotional component etches the images or words into the human mind.

Is there any way this can be controlled or prevented?

There is indeed.

Psalm 101:3 says,

  • I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes:
  • I hate the work of them that turn aside;
  • It shall not cleave to me.

The counsel is clear.

  • Do not intentionally expose yourself to things that are wicked
  • Hate what is wrong
  • It will not cling to your mind

The answer is clear.

  • If you hate what is wrong you will keep yourself from it.
  • If you hate what is wrong you will see it as God sees it.
  • If you hate what is wrong it will lose its emotional component.
  • If you hate what is wrong it will not cling to you.

The key is clear.

  • Hate what is wrong.
  • Sin will not look attractive to you.
  • It will not destroy you.

Remember the dentist.

  • Do not risk injury to your Spiritual sensitivity.
  • And you will be blessed.
  • You will enjoy the Holy Spirit’s ministry to your heart and mind all the time.

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