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Addictions – How They Develop

by on August 22, 2013



So many people are addicted to so many things. How does this happen? Perhaps a bit of  information may be helpful in understanding addictions and how they develop. Knowledge is power. Knowing the problem and how it works should provide guidance in prevention and resolution.


Following are typical stages of developing an addiction:


1. Vulnerability

2. Casual contact and exposure

3. Compulsion

4. Obsession

5. Addiction

6. Bondage

7. Spiritual strongholds


1. Vulnerability


Lack of awareness of danger

Lack of knowledge



2. Casual contact

Exposure that is neither sought nor expected

Provides some level of relief from stress, etc.

3. Compulsion

Feelings of relief now in mind

Life directed by conscious or subconscious attempts to re-experience the contact

4. Obsession

Behaviors now directed  by the addictive substance, behavior, etc.

Behaviors controlled by fears of loss of control over life.

5. Addiction

Life now totally controlled by a person, substance, behavior, etc.

6. Bondage

Person ‘cannot live without’ the addiction and cannot break the addiction

7. Spiritual strongholds

Sin controlling the life of the individual

Only the power of God can break the stronghold


All persons have stresses and problems in life. Dissatisfaction can affect anyone.

These situations make us vulnerable.

Compulsions can form if we encounter addiction-producing substances/behaviors during times of vulnerability.

The resultant feelings of relief can move us to the level of obsession.

Obsessions begin to control thought patterns.

When those obsessions control us, we have an addiction.

Addictions control thoughts and behaviors and produce bondage.

These sins produce Spiritual strongholds that control life as life is surrendered to them.


The list of addictions is nearly endless. People and substances and behaviors, not all of them bad in themselves, can cause addictions. Vulnerability is the essential component. Lack of Spiritual and emotional strength is both a cause and an effect of this process.

Jesus said, The truth will set you free. Freedom is available at all stages of the process. Truth is the answer. Telling the truth renders the sin powerless. Telling the truth and acting on that truth will bring freedom from fears and bondage. Addiction is based on lies. Truth will destroy the lies.

Be careful with your heart and life. Take care of your heart and life. Your life is a gift from God. It is not yours to give away or to surrender to an addictive activity or person or substance. Your life is to be returned to God your Creator.

So many people are willing to surrender their lives to external control. God wants to control you from the inside out by the indwelling Holy Spirit. When you are controlled by the Spirit of God you are far less vulnerable and far less susceptible to external controls.


Addictions and strongholds can only be broken by the power of God.


What is controlling you today?

Is it a person, a substance, a behavior, a habit a fear ….?

Or is it the Holy Spirit of God?

It is your choice today.

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