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One honest man

by on August 26, 2013



A group of men can agree to be dishonest together.

But, if one honest man shows up on the scene

The others have to admit some degree of truth.


Because that one honest man will express the truth and

The others will appear false if they do not also acknowledge the truth.


So, the others have two choices.

1. They can acknowledge the truth or

2. They can eliminate the honest man.


In business and politics these honest men are called whistle-blowers.

In religion they are called prophets.


Religion tends to be a very politically oriented. God did not design it that way. Men make it that way. The Old Testament and the New Testament illustrate that very well.


Many good men have died because of their honesty.

They see Heaven opened and Jesus waiting to welcome them home.



Home where honesty is honored.

Home where nothing false can enter.

Home with other honest men.


Never forget how important is –

The influence of one honest man.


The world is looking for-

The Church is looking for-

The influence of one honest man.

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