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Shame and Guilt

by on August 28, 2013



There is good shame and there is bad shame.

Shame for what you have done wrong is good shame.

Shame for who you are is bad shame.


Shame is not guilt.


There is good guilt and there is bad guilt.

Good guilt is feeling guilty about something you have done wrong.

Bad guilt is feeling guilty about who you are.


There is real guilt and there is false guilt.

Real guilt is from doing wrong.

False guilt is from being made to feel guilty for who you are.


You should feel shame when you do not keep your promise.

You should feel shame when you sin.

That is good shame.


There is bad shame-

Shame is a controller.

Shame drives people.

Shame destroys people.

Shame makes people harm other people.

Shame makes people believe lies.


Real feelings are the destruction of shameful feelings.

Real feelings come from knowing and being known.

Real feelings come from loving and being loved.

Real feelings come from being valued for who you are.


-We can have the feelings without the facts.

The facts may have been lost in the years.

But the feelings do not always go away.


-We can have facts without the feelings.

The facts may have trumped the feelings.

The facts may have numbed the feelings.

They may be afraid to accept the feelings

And stay with the “safety” of the facts.


-Some people do not feel shame even when they should.

Their consciences may be “seared as with a hot iron.”

Or, they may just be so out of touch with their own feelings that

They cannot separate what happens from how they feel about the events.


Shame and false guilt can only be conquered by love and by acceptance of trusted friends and by the God who loves us all very much.

So much that He gave His only Son for us.

So that we can be His children and

So that we can be released from guilt and shame.

So that we can live a life of joy and peace knowing


That we are loved.

That we are without price.

That we are children of the King.


And He gives us a ministry of reconciliation

To bring others into a life of holiness and happiness

To bring others to freedom because they know the truth.

To know the Truth and the truth.

And the Truth sets them free.


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