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Respect or Men Pleasing?

by on August 29, 2013

Being offended when God is offended

What does the bible say about respect? Who or what should be respected? Does respect mean blind obedience to unbiblical authority?


David respected Saul even when Saul tried to take his life. David, however, did not follow Saul’s lead and David did start a new group of less-than-ideal followers who would be the nucleus of his reign when God gave him the kingdom.


Samuel spoke sharp words into Saul’s life. This indicates the need for wise council of truth spoken into the lives of leaders. It also indicates the need for prophets. Where are the prophets today? It was not David’s responsibility to correct Saul. It was Samuel’s responsibility to correct Saul and He did.


Gideon used his father’s oxen to pull down his father’s idols. The people were not happy with Gideon and his determination to respect God and not man.


Prophets were often considered to be disrespectful. Micaiah mimicked Ahab’s 400 prophets, Jeremiah said “amen” to the obviously wrong statement of a false prophet.


The Biblical key to understanding respect is in Acts 5:29. We aught to obey God rather than men. Was Daniel disrespectful when he violated the king’s decree by praying? Could he not have found another way to worship that would not have caused so much trouble? What about the three Hebrew children? What about the Hebrew midwives when they disobeyed the king? They could have been less obvious about their lack of conformity. Why weren’t they?


“The zeal of God’s house has eaten me up.” Was true of Jesus Christ.


Many things in life offend believers. Should you be offended?

Believers need to be offended when God is offended.

Believers should not be offended when they do not like what happens.

Believers need to be offended when God is offended!


Make sure you know the difference and then act on the truth with truth and confront the error with truth. Do not be offended when you do not like something. Be offended when God is offended. Then and only then will you be standing for the truth.

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