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Sexualization of Society

by on September 10, 2013

A common tendency is for a society to become sexualized. That is, for people to think of everything in sexual terms. Apostle Paul addressed this in Ephesians 5:12, For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.

When that happens it becomes difficult or impossible for women and men to view or think of each other as whole persons but rather to think of themselves and others as sexual objects. People become a collection of body parts.

While gender is primary identity, such objectification reduces persons to bodies without other more important considerations. The innate, God-given drives are then exploited for profits and pleasures. In the current society (1950’s-2000’s) several factors have influenced this process.

-Women in the workplace
Causes stress at home
Most productive hours spent away from home
Demands of business
To be attractive in appearance and behavior
-Birth control methods
Separates sexual activity from procreation
Sexual activity seen as recreational with no commitment required
Sexual activity accepted for pleasure not for procreation.
TV – Shows and advertisements
Movies and videos and dvds and utube, etc.
Sets standards for sexual activity
Desensitizes viewers to unacceptable behaviors and language
Actors and actresses become role models
Radio – “shock programs” find receptive audiences
Sports – contain ads and cheerleaders and behaviors harmful to moral health
-Fads and styles dictate appearance and behavior
Displaying underwear
Trousers hung below boxers
Skirts that look like slips
Lace shown through or above fabric
Public appearances in PJs – just got out of (or ready to jump into) bed
Wet hair look – just got out of shower
More fads will surface and be accepted even though they are sinful
-Loss of societal structure
Home – broken, single parent
School – no longer a source of control
Neighborhoods – people live as individuals instead of as communities
Loss of social structure requires added emphasis and demands on
internal personal structure.
Coarse and suggestive language commonplace even among professing believers
-Teaching that overemphasizes women’s attire
Women and men should dress modestly
When will we talk to the men?
Churches tend to talk to the women but not to the men
This makes women feel responsible for the men’s behavior
That is not acceptable – men are and need to be held responsible
-Pornography – images that incite improper sexual responses
Creates false intimacy
Creates false perception of availability
Reduces people to bodies
Porn is regressive behavior – makes adults behave in immature ways
Loss of characteristics of masculinity and femininity –
Loss of acting like a gentleman or a lady
Results in emphasis on male and female bodies rather than character
-Divorce and broken homes
Children see parents as primarily sexual creatures
Fathers should be perceived as providers and protectors
Mothers should be perceived as nurturers and home-makers
Fathers not taking the lead role in providing and protecting
Mothers taking the lead role and ruling the family
Children exposed to inappropriate materials at a young age’
– Church
Not addressing current issues of society
Not addressing moral issues in the congregations
Not teaching about healthy interactions and behaviors
Allowing politics to rule in the religious systems
Use sex to advertise and sell any product.
Much money is made in the production of this kind of material.


Education that is devoid of God and moral content
The sexualization of society is destroying the Christian community.
Even within the church, sexualization and objectification is destroying the community.

In a Biblical culture, sexuality is designed to bond husband and wife together in loving harmony in marriage. Marriage is the only legitimate outlet for sexual energies.
That is the basic building block of a Biblical culture.
That is God’s plan.

It is time to honor that plan and restore sexuality to its proper place as God intended.



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