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Dealing with Pornography

by on September 11, 2013

Prepare yourself (be responsible for yourself)
Be ‘a man’, not one of ‘the men’ (John 4)
Make transition from boyhood to manhood
Prayer on your knees
Music in your heart

Protect the girls (be responsible for them)
Guard her- life, heart, integrity, purity, reputation
You are responsible to God for her
Especially for your own wife
All women must be safe in your presence
“If you Love one woman-You prove that you love them all
If you ‘love’ many women-You prove that you love none of them”

Praise the Lord (be responsible to God)
For holiness read Psalms
For wisdom read Proverbs
Proverbs 5:15-21-your own wife
Isaiah 26:3 – peace and rest
Psalm 101 – no evil before your eyes
Psalm 4 – stand in awe of God or sin?
Psalm 84 – you can go from victory to victory
Joshua 7:21 – dealing with temptation
Our victory over Satan’s temptations brings
Glory to God in heaven (“Thine is the glory”)
Our failure in dealing with Satan’s temptations brings reproach to God in Heaven

Questions for men to discuss
1. In what areas do you need to make a transition from boyhood to manhood?

2. List the sensual influences in your life (TV, movies, computer/console
games, music, magazines, internet, cell phone, calendars, fellow workers, etc.).

3. What steps are you willing take to control/eliminate these?

4. What steps will you take to place more constructive materials in your life?

5. Are you willing to take the needed steps to live a life of integrity before men?

6. Are you willing to take the needed steps to live a life of sanctification before God?

7. Are you willing to be God’s representative here on this earth?

More questions for discussion
1. In what ways are you a Godly leader in your home?
2. In what ways do you need to become a stronger leader
3. How did your home life impact your leadership role in your home today?
(Do not blame parents but think honestly about their roles and relationships)
4. How is your leadership at home impacting your children?

God is counting on us as men to be Godly persons who will represent Him and His Kingdom here and now.

Are you ready and prepared to do that?

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