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by on September 18, 2013


It is football season. From sandlot to Super Bowl the season is upon us.

Why the fascination with football?

Don’t get me wrong. Most men are attracted to football. I was and am, kind of. But, really, what is it?

Football is the evil epitome of macho male extremes

  • Football provides hostile aggression on the field
  • Football provides immodest cheerleaders on the sidelines
  • Football provides heavy handed abuse on one hand and
  • Football provides thoughts of cozy with “Barbie” on the other hand
  • Football provides vicarious experiences of both kinds

Men must avoid those extremes. The extremes of:

Heavy handed abuse on one hand and

Passive reception on the other hand.


Godly men avoid those extremes.

Godly men choose strength –

Godly men choose strength that is willing to defend the weak and vulnerable.

Godly men choose strength that is derived from God.

Godly men chose servant attitudes.

Godly men do not need the evil extremes of aggression and passivity.


Football affords men the luxury of vicarious experiences of:

Hostile aggression – by identifying with players on the field.

Sexual excitement – by leering at cheerleaders on the sidelines.


Both of these experiences are evidences of emotional and Spiritual immaturity.

Football is good for business but bad for Spiritual growth. It is teaching our sons (and us) that these evil extremes are good. They are not.  It is teaching our daughters that objectification is a fact of life. It is not (or should not be). It is producing another generation of entertainment consumers. That is wrong.

Madison Avenue takes advantage of the consuming public to showcase its wares in the most alluring of venues. Ads are frequently unacceptable to a Christian conscience. This is particularly true of the Super Bowl.

Why men in the Anabaptist churches are so attracted to football baffles the imagination. They, with very few exceptions, have never strapped on a set of pads and gone to the field. They have no idea what happens in the locker room or on the bottom of a pile. They have no idea of the talk between players or from the coaches. They vicariously enter a world of which they know nothing.

Perhaps it is just a diversion. Or, perhaps it is a foray into the forbidden. Or, maybe a secret longing to vicariously be something outside of their own world. In any case, it is a distraction from what is more important.

How many of them (us) who spend three or four hours watching a game would ever invest that amount of time in Bible study or prayer? Think of the investment. Think of the return. Think in light of eternity.

It is football season. Sure enough. How will you invest this season of the year? It is your choice and theirs.

They do it for a corruptible crown.

We live for an incorruptible crown.


It is your choice.


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