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Rachel Marie

by on September 24, 2013

To My Darling Rachel Marie,

Forty three years ago you came to us. We were so eager for your arrival. The year had been difficult. Grandma died in March and we worked very hard all Summer. Finally your day arrived. A little baby girl. How special you were. We loved you so much.

But it was not to be. God gave you to us on that day. Six days later he wanted you back again. It was a traumatic six days. Mother called me to say that you needed some medical help. You were not nursing very well. So, Elizabeth Lehman and I came to take you from Bloomsburg Hospital to Geisinger Medical center.

I held you for that short ride. I looked at your pretty little fingers and toes. I held you close. It seemed like a bit of heaven to me. You, my first little daughter in my arms and in my heart.

At Geisinger you had surgery to correct a digestive tract abnormality. We visited you every day. On day six the hospital called and asked us to come to see you for one last time. The stresses of surgery and infection finally took their toll on your little body.

After a brief service we laid your body to rest beside your grandma. You wore a new dress that mother made for you. Mother pricked her finger with a needle when she was making your dress so a drop of mother’s blood was buried with you.

You have been joined by Kevin and several other nieces and nephews and maybe soon by me.

We did not get to hold you for long but we have held you in our hearts always.

God gave you some very special siblings. Three sisters and two brothers came to join our family after you left. We are a happy family with nieces and nephews, uncles and aunts and Grandma and Grandpa.

You are just as real to Mother and I as are your siblings who grew up in our home.

So, happy birthday Rachel – all of your birthdays have been in Heaven. How special is that.

Until we meet again,

I love you,


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