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Their Situation and Their Journey

by on September 26, 2013


Most people like their situation. They like the status quo situation in which they find themselves. Do not get me wrong, it is important to accept life as it is received but it is also important to seek to make things better. When better is offered it should be considered. Many times it is not. Or, being considered, it is rejected. Why?

Their situation is typically comfortable. It feels like home. It is the familiar. They have learned to cope and manage and exist as things are. Why would they change?

Many times people resist counseling. Why? Counseling will challenge the status quo and suggest ways to improve conditions. The real problems happen when the improvements mean realignments, new behaviors and new relationships.

While people talk about their situation

or their work

or their church

or their school

or their

or, or….

Most of the time it is talk. Just talk. Making changes is just too difficult. Too much energy would be required to make improvements.

Many times counseling takes people to the place of needed changes and then people stop. They stop because the energy needed for change is deemed not worth it. Moving into the unfamiliar is difficult. It is scary. It feels unsafe. It is out of their comfort zone.

What can be done? It is important for people to discover the taste of freedom. If we can help them do that, the battle is mostly won. From there they must use the tools given them by the Bible and the wisdom and guidance of Godly people to begin a new journey.

A journey away from the status quo.

A journey with God.

That journey is a journey:

  • Into wholeness
  • Into Godliness
  • Into healing and health.
  • Into a new life
  • Into new relationships
  • Into freedom from fear
  • Into new understandings of God
  • Into blessing other people
  • Into fellowship with the Holy Spirit
  • Into being confident
  • Into being trustworthy
  • Into real happiness
  • Into real joy

A journey out of the status quo.


And then they wonder:

  • Why did I wait so long?
  • Why didn’t somebody tell me sooner?
  • Why did I resist the call to change?
  • Why did I feel so afraid?
  • Why did I fear this new journey?

This new journey of joy…

Praise the Lord!


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