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Tolerating Evil

by on October 1, 2013



“Most people would rather accept evil as the daily menu than be pronounced an orphan and barred from reentering the parental garden. Evil will push us to see if we will bear loss, shame, and hatred. If we are not prepared for the attack, we will wilt under the seduction and mockery of evil. 

The preparation we must undergo is training in righteousness, where our senses are aligned with truth and our heart have been strengthened by discipline (Hebrews 12:1-12). God promises in due season we will yield a harvest of righteous fruit if we enter and pursue His purposes in the midst of pain. If our heart desires to know Him in the midst of suffering, growth will be our reward (I Peter 4:1-2)”

Quote from Bold Love by Allender and Longman p. 245.


Evil is ever present. Some of it cannot be avoided. But, some of it does not need to be tolerated. To grow accustomed to being assailed by evil is to lose heart in the battle for truth. “Training in righteousness” will prepare us to eschew evil and to combat it by not tolerating it.

Most people will accept evil at the hands of evil persons if those evil persons are influential, sanguine and persuasive. That is unfortunate. That is to allow evil to gain the upper hand.  Bold Love confronts evil as Jesus did. To follow Jesus is to confront evil in word and life and in death if necessary.

Do not accept evil. That is too high a price to pay for approval. Those who work evil against you will retaliate if you refuse their evil. They will make you pay for your refusal of their evil.

  • Accepting evil is too high a price.
  • Rejecting evil means a price will have to be paid.
  • Better to suffer for rejecting evil than to suffer by accepting evil.
  • Make the change today.
  • Do not pay the price of accepting evil.
  • Pay the price for rejecting evil.
  • Eventually evil will get the message.



  • If evil cannot be avoided
  • Then accept it as a message from God.
  • Be sure that you are suffering for righteousness sake.
  • And not for doing wrong.
  • In those cases evil will abuse you.
  • As it did Jesus also.


  • In either case
  • The preparation is righteousness and
  • The result is righteousness.

I Peter 3:13-18

Eventually, of course, evil will be overcome and overthrown. For now it is our responsibility to confront evil and attempt to eliminate evil from human existence. We do that by direct confrontation and by suffering when necessary.

May God grant us the wisdom to know when and how to use the best measures to combat the evil in this present world.


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