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Men are Protectors

by on October 4, 2013


Godly men are to protect:

  • Their hearts from sin
  • Their souls from discouragement
  • Their spirits from idolatry
  • Their bodies from perversion
  • The innocent from harm
  • The weak from bullies
  • The sick from charlatans
  • The simple from false prophets
  • Women from harm
  • Children from harm
  • The hearts of their children
  • The helpless from exploitation
  • Their wives from their children
  • Their children from their mothers
  • God’s name from derision
  • God’s Church from corruption
  • God’s Word from contamination
  • God’s Spirit from being misunderstood
  • Their communities from false information
  • The Truth from liars
  • History from faulty interpretation
  • Other Godly men from being maligned
  • Their own reputation from those who would sully them
  • Everything right from every thing wrong



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