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“And Ye Fathers…”

by on October 11, 2013


Behind each busy father

Is there a lonely son?

Who tags along, in hopes there’ll come

A time for “one on one”?


Behind each victorious father,

Is there a struggling son?

Who’s taken unaware by many a snare,

As he fights and finds out alone?


Behind each wealthy father,

Is there a beggared son?

Who finds that wealth is more than health,

And has true riches none?


Behind each laughing father,

Is there a somber son?

Who cannot hide the hurt inside,

From too much thoughtless fun?


Behind each brilliant father,

Is there a Limited son?

Who, tho’ he’s tried, is oft denied,

The credit, when he’s done?


Behind each perfect father,

Is there a failing son?

Who has yearned to hear, through many a tear,

Those priceless words, “Well done”?


Behind each popular father,

Is there a forgotten son?

Who in distress finds no redress,

And when he’s grown, he’s gone?


God grant each faithful father,

A just as faithful son.

To use his gift, his son to lift

To victories jointly won.


Dave Plank

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