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Boys, Men, and Drugs

by on October 13, 2013


A recent study indicated that nearly twenty percent of boys aged fourteen to seventeen are taking a drug for ADHD. Their high level of activity makes them difficult to handle in school and so, they are placed on a drug to control them to a manageable level of activity.

It is normal for boys to be active. They have so much energy. Could that energy be channeled or does it have to be squelched? One commentator noted that, America drugs its alpha males while some countries channel that energy into making soldiers. How sad. A country or a community or a family needs to find ways to channel that youthful male energy into productive and useful pursuits.

Drugging boys sends a message to all men. What to do with our energy? Is it OK to be energetic and visionary and to use our God-given drive to bless and challenge our families, churches, and communities? I hope so. God is expecting us to do that. But, when boys are squelched for being young men and being energetic, they are given the wrong message.

The message is: being a man is bad. That message is wrong and sad. Being a man is great! Being a man is to represent God here on His earth. We are called to challenge and bless and produce and care and confront. That is our calling.

When the world makes us feel guilty for being what God made us to be, the world is wrong! WRONG! That does not give us a right to rebel and destroy but it gives us a mandate to stand for right and defend what is right in the face of evil. When we are made to feel guilty for offending someone because we did what is right, that is wrong! WRONG!

If that is true, then Jesus was the most wrong person who ever lived. Samuel, John Baptist, Stephen and other real men of God stated the truth unapologetically. They lived and died the truth. Paul made a catalog of people who had done him wrong. Nehemiah listed and confronted wrong in person. Where are those men today?

Pharmaceuticals in pill form or in social expectation form are controlling men in this world. It is time to reject the feelings of well-being brought on by drugs or by confessing false guilt.

  • It is time to be men.
  • Men of God.
  • Men of the God who does not shrink from confronting sin and wrong.
  • Men who will die before they capitulate.
  • Men who will stand for truth in every situation.
  • Men who do not back down to keep peace when truth is at stake.

Men, our boys do not need drugs; they need discipline – loving, caring, and directive discipline. Discipline will direct their energies and mold them into real men whose lives are useful and productive. They will become young men like Jonathan who stood by David in the face of an evil and angry father.

Men, we do not need drugs or man’s approval, we need self-control – inner, personal control by the Spirit of a Holy God. God will control and direct our energies as we relinquish control of self to His control. We will become men like Moses who stood with God against powerful kings and powerless people. The meekest man who ever lived stood strong with God against impossible odds with God as his only support.

Men, there are a million ways to medicate and intoxicate your self.

  • Some seem acceptable.
  • Some are not.
  • All are wrong.
  • Only God is right.
  • Only truth is right.
  • Do not allow the world to squeeze you into its mold!
  • Do not allow yourself to be drugged into inaction and complacency.
  • Do not allow social expectations to control you.
  • Do not allow anything to take you away from following Jesus Christ.

Men, we need to be role models for the next generation of boys and young men.

  • They need to hear the truth.
  • They need to know the truth.
  • They need to see the truth.
  • They need to see you live a life of absolute integrity.
  • They need to see you stand unflinchingly and unapologetically against wrong and against people who are wrong and misguided.

Only then will they have role models to follow.

God is calling the Daniels and Joshuas and Stephens of this day to stand strong and firm and steadfast against the cultural inertia of capitulation. God is calling you to stand with Him in this society of wrong thinking and wrong actions.

Will you do that?




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