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God Changes Life From Barrenness to Laughter

by on October 27, 2013


Abraham and Sarah


Jehovah gave them:

  • A new identity – “Her name will be changed…”

Sarah – a princess

  • A new blessing – “I will bless her…”

No longer barren

  • A new son – “I will give you a son…”

An heir of Abraham and Sarah

  • A new role – “I will make her a mother of nations…”

Nations and kings will come from this lineage

  • A new challenge – to believe God for the impossible

They laughed

  • A new honesty – She could not deny her laughter

God ‘called her hand’

  • A new visitation by God – New life from the dead

Is anything too hard for God?

  • A new generation – “God gave Sarah and Abraham a son…”

Their heritage will be preserved

  • A new attitude of joy – “Laughter” Isaac is laughter

Life from the deadness of old age

Genesis  17:17; 18:12,13,15-2X; 21:3,4,5,6-2X

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