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by on October 31, 2013


Incongruency –
Unquantifiable –
One who does not fit into a mold –

Every committed Christian is an anomaly. We are different – different from the world around us. We do not march to the same drumbeat. We march to a different drumbeat. We hear a different song. We listen to a different voice.

When we become Christian, God’s Holy Spirit moves into our hearts and minds and lives. That power begins to control us. That is why we are different from the people around us. We do not fit the mold. Holy Spirit-led Christians are uncontrollable by the world’s voices.

The world will constantly attempt to make us fit its mold. God’s Spirit will not allow that to happen. As long as we hear and obey the Holy Spirit, we will not fit the mold of the world.

If we begin to listen to the world’s drumbeat and become mesmerized by it, the voice of the Holy Spirit will grow quiet. That, sadly, is the commentary on many “Christians.”

There is a battle in the Christian life. Making the decision to follow God at every turn and in every decision is the answer to winning the battle. Hearing and following the quiet voice of the Holy Spirit is the way victory is won.

“Do not allow the world to squeeze you into its mold.”
Romans 12:1-2

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