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Powerful People and False Accusations II

by on November 6, 2013


I Kings 21 records the story of the farmer and the king. Naboth, the farmer had a vineyard. Ahab, the king wanted Naboth’s vineyard. He offered to buy it or to replace it. Naboth said, “no.” It was the inheritance from his fathers and it could not be sold. 

Ahab was displeased. He laid on his bed and pouted. Jezebel, his wife, wanted to know what the problem was? He told her. She said, “What, you are the king of Israel, get up and eat and I will get the vineyard for you.” 

Jezebel hatched a plan. She sent letters to the elders and the nobles explaining her plan. The letters were sealed with the king’s seal. 

Jezebel’s plan:

Proclaim a fast and

Set Naboth up on a high place among the people.

Set two wicked men in front of him.

Have these wicked men falsely accuse Naboth saying,

“You did blaspheme the king!”

Then carry him out and stone him!


The elder’s obedience

The elders and nobles of the city obeyed the letters that Jezebel had sent.

They proclaimed the fast.

They set two wicked men in front of Naboth.

The wicked men falsely accused Naboth saying,

“Naboth blasphemed God.”

“Naboth blasphemed the king.”

They carried Naboth out of the city.

They stoned him.

He died.

They told Jezebel, “Naboth is dead.”

Ahab took possession of the vineyard.


God’s plan

Enter Elijah!

God spoke to the prophet Elijah –

“Go to meet king Ahab, he is in Naboth’s vineyard.

Speak to him and say,

“Thus says the Lord”

“You have killed!”

“You have stolen!”

“Where the dogs licked Naboth’s blood

Dogs will lick your blood.”


Ahab’s response

“Have you found me, Oh my enemy?”


God’s response through His prophet Elijah

“Yes, I have found you

Because you have sold yourself to work evil in the sight of the Lord.

I will bring evil on you.

I will take away your posterity.

I will take away every male child from you.

I will remove others from you.

I will make your house like the house of Jeroboam.

I will make your house like the house of Baasha because,

You have provoked me to anger.

You have made Israel to sin.”


Jezebel’s fate

Dogs will eat Jezebel

Dogs will eat those who die in the city

Birds will eat those who die in the field.



Ahab was a most wicked king.

He sold himself to work wickedness in the sight of the Lord.

Jezebel stirred him up to this wickedness.

He sinned by following idols.


Ahab’s repentance

He humbled himself.

He put on sackcloth and fasted .

He walked about mourning.


God’s recognition

Because Ahab has humbled himself.

I will not bring the evil on him.

But, in his son’s days I will bring evil on his house.


Lessons to learn from this story:

Good people do what is right.

Wicked people cannot find fault with them so they use false accusations.

Sometimes good people suffer because of wicked leaders.

God’s men do not cave under false accusations.

Powerful persons use false accusations to accomplish their evil deeds.

Powerful people lift people up to put them down.

Powerful people use other people to their own advantage.

Men can become obsessed with sinful desires.

Men can allow women to control them.

When leaders are not Godly men, wickedness triumphs.

Wicked women use devious tactics to accomplish their sins.

Prophets must deliver the message from the Lord.

Wicked men consider prophets to be enemies.

God will not allow sin to go unpunished.

God’s justice is severe.

God recognizes repentance in the way He sees best.

The Judge of all the earth will do what is right.



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