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Bloom Where You Are Planted

by on November 7, 2013


Do your best with what you have
No matter where you are
And bloom where you are planted
Whether near or far.

You have some special talents
God’s given you to share
In the garden where He placed you
So be a blessing there.

Life does not always treat you fair
Sometimes the days are long
Sometimes the paths are stony
And rough and steep and long.

Sometimes, it seems, you just don’t seem to fit
The place God put you in
When friends are few and trials hard
You just can’t seem to win.

Then, bloom where you are planted
The Gardener know best
He promised He would see you through
And help you pass the test.

Sometime you don’t feel pretty
Or lovely as can be
But, God made you special
He loves you, don’t you see.

Remember, He sent down His son
So very long ago
To bloom right here among us
That you His love would know.

So you could show to others
The very love of God
Emmanuel – He is with us
He treads your daily sod.

So, bloom where you are planted
You are a flower where
He placed you in this moment
To be a blessing there.


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