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Youth Today

by on November 16, 2013

To The Parents of Youth Today

Your youth are asking questions

Your children are asking questions

Here are some of those questions

Can life be full of joy?

Can family be happy?

Can the Christian life be lived on a daily basis?

Can you live in victory over sin?

Can our church be a safe place?

Why do I hurt so much?

Is life worth living?

Does anything matter?

Am I worth anything?

Is marriage worth it?

Can mother and father get along, really?

Do they really love each other?

Is life always some kind of king on the mountain game?

Is it always about who is winning and who is losing?

These are not my words. These are your children. These are their thoughts.

They love you. You love them. But, they are not always sure if you love them or not. Their definition of love is not the same as yours. Sexuality means something different to them than it does to you. Money and things do not count nearly so much to them. What do they want?

They want you in their lives.

They want you to love them for real, not just in words.

They want you to listen to them.

They want you to talk to them.

They want you to walk with them.

They want you close.

They want you to be sorry for where you have hurt them.

They want you to help them make their important decisions.


You must be for real.

You must speak from your heart.

You must let down your guard.

You must provide an unthreatening atmosphere for them.

They talk a different language than you do.

They are weary of guarded confessions.

They are weary of images that do not reflect reality.

They are swinging the door open now. It will not always be open. If you do not enter their lives now, they will find answers somewhere else. Their door is open now. If and when it swings shut, you are done. They will not listen then. It must be now. If it is not now, all future discussion will be on the surface.

Stop walking around like you have life all together. Your children know that many of you do not have life all together. They are looking for people who are for real.

  • They do not want hear your silly stories of how you did stupid things in the past.
  • They do not want to hear how you beat the system and got away with something illegal or wrong.
  • They do not want to hear about silly stuff  you did when you were dating.
  • They are tired of you laughing about things that are not important in life.

They want to know that the parents they see at church are the same parents they see at home.

  • They want to know that you found victory over sin.
  • They want to know how you learned to live victoriously every day.
  • They want to know that you are living in the joy of the Lord every day.
  • They want to know that you are people of absolute integrity.
  • They want to know that God is real to you.
  • They want to know that your faith is real and strong.

Most youth today are not rebellious. They are hungry for truth – so hungry that they will search until they find it. Will you be willing to be the place they can find it? They are asking now. Your time is now. What will you do?

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