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Addictions – Why They Work

by on November 19, 2013


Addictions are powerful. They work. Why? Why do they work? How do they draw us in and keep us addicted?

Sports are a great example of why they work. The games are punctuated with little impulses of rise in our attention.

In baseball, every time the ball is pitched the viewer gets a little rise in emotional attention. Maybe it will be a home run. Maybe it will be a strike-out. Maybe it will be over the fence. Maybe it will be a walk. Maybe it will hit the batter. Maybe the batter will hit the pitcher. Maybe, maybe, maybe….

In football, every time the ball is hiked, there is the possibility that there maybe a touchdown. Maybe a quarter back  sack. Maybe a “hail Mary” pass. Maybe a long run. Maybe a fake pass/run. Maybe, maybe, maybe …

With all the time outs and waiting, a three hour game has very little actual playing time. It does, however, have very many little impulses of emotional attention. Those are the addictive agents. The maybes…. Every time the impulse hits, it reinforces the addiction.

Of course there are many types of addictions. Alcohol is addictive. The rise in emotional impulse and good feelings from a drink bring the drinker back again and again.

Pornography is the gripping addiction of the day. It is not about seeing a picture of an undressed person. If that were true, then one picture would be enough, but it is not. The emotional rise from each new picture, image, or movie is the addictive element.

Maybe the next picture will be more impressive or more alluring? Maybe it will be the one picture that will be satisfying? But, no. That is never the case. It is always one more. One more click of the mouse. One more turn of the page. One more movie. And Maybe, maybe, maybe…. Maybe the next one will be the one? Maybe.

And so the addiction process works by promising what it cannot deliver and you become addicted. Addicted to baseball, football, business deals, pornography.

II Corinthians 10:5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.

Addictions replace God in the thinking. As believers we are to bring every thought into the captivity of Jesus Christ. We are to cast down imaginations and every addicting thing that attempts to replace God in our lives.

That is the call on our lives. That is the call on your life. Will you answer God’s call on your life to eliminate addictions and replace them with God and His Word and His Holy Spirit? It is your decision. Today.

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