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by on November 21, 2013

Each person is unique. It is easy to lose that uniqueness in life. There are so many pressures from powerful person who set standards of thought and behavior. Their lives are persuasive and controlling. They have ways of making other people and whole institutions follow their lead. This is unfortunate. It is most unfortunate in religious settings.

God created each person with his/her own gifts and talents. Each person needs to be responsible to develop those talents to bless the family, the Church and the community. It is critical that those gifts are developed in a healthy environment. The community needs to responsible to provide that healthy environment. The leaders of the community are important in their role in that development.

Over the years, I have noticed that powerful persons in church groups hold sway over the entire group. It is troubling to notice younger persons and would-be leaders parroting the words and behaviors of the powerful leaders. Their choice of words, mannerisms, tone of voice, manner of dress, and many other aspects of behavior are mimicked. Eventually this can produce a group controlled by a single approach to leadership. This, in too many cases, is not the way to best lead a group.

Apostle Paul said, “follow me as far as I follow Christ.” It is not wrong to pattern our lives after Godly men and women. It is not wrong to be taught and trained by Men and women of God. But, we need to be disciples of Jesus Christ, not disciples of men. We need to be alert to the weaknesses even of Godly persons. We need to be ready to examine our lives against the Truth of God’s Word and not compare ourselves with those around us.

God created you with gifts and talents. You are responsible to develop your talents.  Are you using those talents to bless Him and His people? If you are, you will be a unique person controlled by the Spirit and the Word of God. You will not be a clone of another human being. You will find yourself resisting the pressures of powerful persons who are not disciples of Jesus Christ.

May the good Lord grant us wisdom and discernment to examine our lives and the direction of the Church in our generation and then may the good Lord give us courage to stand and teach His Word by His Spirit to produce Godly young men and women in this generation.

God makes each of His children unique. God makes disciples, not clones.

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