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Reaction or Vision

by on November 27, 2013


Many movements begin as reactions. What causes the reaction?

As time goes on, things change – not always for the better. When things deteriorate, there is eventually a reaction. Sometimes these reactions become new movements.

A decision needs to be made – when to cease being a reaction and when to initiate a new course? Many times the “new” course is simply a decision to remain with a trusted “old” course from which the original movement has deviated. Loyalty becomes a major issue in these situations.

The decision is – to be loyal to what? One can be loyal to a system and then support and defend the system whether it is right or wrong. That is the commonly accepted definition of loyalty.

Real Biblical loyalty, however, has more to do with support of truth where ever it is found. This is what differentiates between types of loyalty.

The Protestant Reformation was a reaction to the Catholic system of the middle ages. The Roman Catholic Church developed into a system that prescribed all the details of life and salvation. The Reformation was initially a reaction to a system that had neglected the truth. The Reformation congealed into its own unique approach to faith and religion.

The Reformation, however, produced another reaction. That happened when students of the reformers realized that the Reformation was continuing to be a reaction and not moving forward with truth. So, the Anabaptist movement began as a reaction to the Reformation. The Anabaptist reaction soon became a vision as faithful men and women followed the truth of Scripture.

The Anabaptist movement has also needed reactions over the years as it has fallen into formalism in many places. Those reactions were/are needed to continue the pursuit of truth in the face of continued paths of deviation from Scripture. Those reactions become vision as faithful persons follow the original Biblical vision of worship and obedience.

Reaction means that someone else sets the agenda. Vision means that God has already set the agenda and we are purposing to follow God’s agenda.

Reactions are important but, at a point they must cease to be reactions and must begin to pursue a Godly vision for obedience to Biblical truth. When that happens, the vision becomes the reality of obedience.  To remain a reaction is to lose vision.

God bless the faithful men and women and leaders who have the discernment and wisdom to detect when reaction is needed.

God bless the leaders to whom God has given vision for truth and courage for guiding  God’s flock in this time.


Where there is no vision,

The people perish: but

He that keeps the law,

Happy is he.

Proverbs 29:18


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