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Love and Healing for the Heart

by on December 14, 2013

Love and the problem of emotional pain


We all need love.

We all fear exposure

So we hide

And we do not risk disclosure

And thus, we shut out love.

That is the price

We are willing to pay

To prevent exposure

To keep from being known.


We all need to know

We all need to be known

But that takes risk.

I must tell you about me

And what is in my heart

So you can know me, but


We are afraid

Afraid if people really know us

They will not like us

So we hide.

We hide behind masks

Masks that we can change as we wish

So we do not have to show our real self.


After while we become our masks

We do not even know who our real self is

Unless and until

Unless and until someone comes along

And loves us

Loves us so much that we feel safe

Loves us so much that we are safe

Safe to be who we really are.


It feels so good

It feels so good to be loved

To be loved for who we are

To be loved for who we really are

To be valued for who we really are

Down deep

In the depths of our heart.


Love sets us free

Real love sets us free

The love of God sets us free

Free to not fear

Free to not be afraid

That you might not like me

If you know me

Really know me.


Will you accept me if you know me

Really know who I am

Down deep inside?

Do you have enough love in your heart

To share some love with me?

Are you secure enough

To share love with me?

Real love that will bring healing to my heart?


Am I safe with you?

Can I tell you what is in my heart?

My fears, and hurts, and dreams, and longings, and…

Can I be safe with you?

Will you care for me

The real me

The me without masks and pretenses?

Can I be safe with you?


If I can, then we can grow

Our love can grow into realness

Realness that makes us one with truth and right

One with each other

One with God who gave His love

That heals us and sets us free.

Free to be who God made us to be

And free to love as He loved and loves


So, drop the masks

Drop the pretenses

Open your heart to love

The perfect love of God and

The imperfect love of others

So we can be who God made us to be

And grow to find that love is the source and the end.

The Alpha and the Omega

The One who is the way, the truth, and the life

And we shall all be one as He is One.

No fear, no emotional sickness, no pretenses

One with the One

One with Love

One with one another.




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