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God Sent a Baby – Jesus Christ

by on December 23, 2013



How do you change the world? How does God change the world? To change the world God sent a baby. God had a plan. He sent a baby to a devout, virgin, engaged couple.

Consider their lives. They grew up in relative obscurity. They lived with poverty and hard work, but with acute Spiritual awareness. They lived in fear of the Romans and the religious leaders. Life was difficult enough already and now this.

Gabriel announced that Mary would have a baby. But how? Have a baby without having a husband? How? But, God has His ways and it was to be and so it was.  “You are to call His name, Jesus.” Jesus? That means, Jehovah saves. Yes, Jesus, because “He will save His people from their sins.”

How will He do that? By His life and by His death, He will save His people from their sins. A sinless life and a vicarious death. Teaching and preaching. Heralding the Kingdom of God. Setting forth the principles of His Kingdom. Teaching and discipling unlikely men who would be willing to die for His Kingdom.

He began to change the world – one person at a time. A leper. A prostitute. A tax collector. The blind and the demon possessed. His heart was for the people. The people flocked to Him.

He taught as one who had authority. He did not teach like the teachers of the law. They taught the strict observance of the law. Jesus broke the law when the law did not bless the people. That blessed the people and it infuriated the teachers of the law.

Jesus had authority. Jesus has authority. He was God. He is God. He came to change the world. He can change you. He wants to change you. He will change you if you will allow Him to control your life.

Maybe you are a law-keeper. That is good. But, does Jesus have your heart? If He does, you are saved. If He does not, you are not. He came to save His people from their sin. He is waiting for your heart.

His Kingdom is a matter of the heart. Motives are important in His Kingdom. What are your motives? This time of year His birth is heralded across the world. That is good. But, what are their motives? What is your motive?

“You shall call His name, Jesus”. Have you called Him Jesus? Is He your savior? Are you following Him in His sinless life? Do you represent Him to the people around you? God sent a baby to change the world. He is sending you also.

His name is Jesus. Jesus Christ – the anointed One. Jesus Christ the Lord. Someday every knee will bow and every tongue proclaim that He is Lord. You can do that now by living for Him. You can be one of His disciples. You can be changed into one who heralds the Kingdom. You can examine your motives to see if Jesus has your heart.

Jesus is still healing people. Healing their bodies and souls. He can heal you. When you are healed, you can begin to heal others with His healing. You can bless those around you. You can heal them with the healing you received from Jesus. Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ the Lord.




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