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God Sent a Baby – Himself

by on December 24, 2013

God Sent a Baby – Risk

God sent a baby. God became a Baby. He risked His life by becoming a tiny baby. He came into His world as a baby – the most fragile creature in His world.

And now He risks His message and His Kingdom by placing His most valued possessions/beliefs in your heart and your mind and your body.

He created no army. No school, No foundation. No Nation. Nothing of worldly value.

He knew that He would die for you before you were born. He loved you before you knew Him. Before you loved Him. He became a baby so you could accept Him. You, the creation accept Him, the Creator.

God took the risk so you would not have to. He risked it all so you would have to risk nothing. It is your choice now. What will you do? Will you accept this Baby who grew like you did? Will you accept this Gift that was risked for you?

To love is to risk. To risk rejection. That is what He did. He gave His Love to and for you. Will you accept His no-risk Gift today?

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