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Grandpa’s Wisdom

by on December 30, 2013


I remember one particular lesson my grandpa taught. He asked two questions:


1. How many seeds are in one apple?

2. How many apples are in one seed?


The answer to the first question is not difficult to determine.

The answer to the second question is impossible to determine.


The answer to the second question is God’s way of multiplying His creation.

One seed could produce one apple tree which could produce many bushels of apples for many years which could produce many, many seeds from which many more trees could grow which could produce infinitely more seeds which could produce many more trees from which….


In the New Year ahead, think of how many apples are in the seeds you can plant in the lives of the people you meet. Plant seeds of kindness and courtesy and love and blessing and challenge and direction and instruction and attention and joy and peace and ….


You may never see the results. The results are in the hands of God. But, you can plant the seeds and God will give the increase.




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