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I Made a Vow

by on January 20, 2014

There are vows. There are good vows. There are bad vows. I made a vow. I made a good vow.

It happened all of a sudden. Growing up I noticed that grownups were easy to con. I vowed never to grow up. Get old maybe. Learn much for sure. Do as much as possible. Make friends. Have pets. Go to college. Live right. Be honest. Get married. Have children. Teach youth. Sure. But, grow up? Never!

Why be a grownup? Either they are easy to con, or else they like to be conned.

So, a group of youth would be talking about things they should not be talking about. Doing something they should not be doing. Along comes a grownup and guess what? You guessed it. All of a sudden, the youth would be talking about something spiritual and useful and the grownup would make the syrupy comments about what a fine group of youth we have today. As soon as the grownup left – back to the old trashy jargon.

Become an adult? That is fine, but not be a grownup. I do not want to be conned. I want to know the truth. I want to know what the youth are thinking. I want to know what they are doing. So, I stick around long enough for them to say what they want to say. Listen and not talk all the time. Earn their trust. Find out what is in their heart. Like some adult should have done for me a long time ago so I would not have to have figured it out all by myself. Would have saved me a mountain of pain and grief.

So, I made a vow. It was a good vow. It is a good vow. It has served me well and I have served it faithfully. Now I am old. Old.

Old. But still not grownup. Never.
I vow!

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