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by on January 21, 2014


There is a danger of self-deception. You can learn to be dishonest and still think of yourself as doing right. You can begin to justify your actions as acceptable even though they are not. You can defend a team or a system and thus justify wrong behaviors. Be careful. Self-deception is the worst kind of deception.

You can feel right about doing wrong when and if a powerful system is behind your actions. You can justify sin if the sin furthers your cause. You can be faithful and loyal to someone or something and still be wrong. That kind of sin will eventually destroy you and the system you are attempting to defend and preserve.

Make sure that your trust is in God. He alone can keep you from being deceived. His Word, the Bible, is the only source of truth that will prevent self-deception. Surround your self with Godly people who submit themselves to the Scripture. Only then will you be safe from deception of all kinds.

You can console yourself by being part of a large group that is doing wrong. God will not countenance that self-deception. The Bible is very clear.

Though hand join in hand, the wicked shall not be unpunished: but the seed of the righteous shall be delivered. Proverbs 11:21

Every one that is proud in heart is an abomination to the LORD: though hand join in hand, he shall not be unpunished. Proverbs 16:5

Right is right no matter how many people disagree. Wrong is wrong no matter how many people agree. Be careful. There is a way that seems right to man but only Spiritual discernment will know whether what seems right is really right. History is littered with the wrecks of those who deceived themselves.

Do not be deceived (by yourself or by other people). God will not be mocked. What ever you sow, you will reap.

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