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Very Unhealthy Behavior

by on January 23, 2014


The behavior of some people is extremely unhealthy. They will control and injure you and they will have no remorse. They are hurting so deeply that they will hurt you without regrets. Unfortunately, they will bring harm to every situation. Be careful or you will fall prey to their evil ways. Here are some of the characteristics of people with extremely unhealthy behaviors.

1. They flatter you
They say the nicest things you have ever heard about yourself
They make superfluous statements about you

2. They identify with you
They tell you, “We are soul-mates or comrades on a project”
They emphasize the commonalities, “We have so much in common”
They get you to say “yes” to their demands

3. They make you pity them
They love pity
They use “crocodile tears” to win your pity

4. They over-play their history of pain
They recount their accidents, illnesses, hurts, etc.
They remember everyone who has hurt them in any way

5. They are sensual
They, covertly or overtly, find sensuality in every event
They will misuse you sexually

6. They keep you off-balance
They use obtuse behaviors and/or language
They threaten and/or embarrass you in front of others
They use behind-the-scenes gossip to harm you
They make you feel guilty for challenging them in any way
They act like they are terribly hurt if you do not do what they want

7. They give you the silent treatment
They make you “pay” for any challenges to their plans
They may disappear or refuse to talk for long periods at a time

8. They make you jealous
They make you want them and make you fawn to them
They use language and behaviors to make you jealous

9. They will devalue you
They make sure that you know that they are doing you favors
They will not recognize or appreciate your abilities

10. They will do anything to win you back if you begin to leave them
They only do what is needed to keep their system intact
They are quick to make adjustments to their comments and behaviors

11. They are classic politicians
They will use words to control you
They will say or do anything to make themselves look good
They will take credit for anything good that happens
They will distance themselves from anything that could discredit them

12. They forget their promises and remember yours
They make promises that they later “forget” to keep
They hold you to your promises and wiggle out of theirs

13. They will hurt you
They are dangerous to your health in every way
They will use you to make themselves look good

14. They will blame you
They make you feel responsible for their wrong behavior
They make sure that you know that nothing is ever their fault

How to deal with people who display these types of unhealthy behaviors-
They can be helped if they can be made to see the evil of their ways. In most cases, only by a group of strong people acting together can these people be helped.
In any case, you must protect yourself from the dangers they pose.
• You must realize that their behavior is neither normal nor acceptable
• You must realize that they are deeply hurting and starved for love
• You must realize that only love that is bold and tough can help them
• You must realize that they must be confronted with and by the truth
• You must realize that they are Spiritually sinful people
• You must realize that they are emotionally insecure people
• You must remember that life is always about them, not about you
• You must realize that they will keep you under their control
• You must take charge of any relationship you have with them
• You must not allow them to control you
• Confrontation by a group of strong, healthy persons can help them
• Only God can really change them

If you find yourself in these behaviors or if you find yourself harmed by these behaviors, seek help. There is help. God, and Godly people who are strong in the Holy Spirit can bring healing to those who are hurting this badly.



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