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Junk Food

by on February 11, 2014

Junk food tastes good. The problem is, junk food is not really food. It does not contain the complex array of nutrients found in real food. It is devoid of nutrition to sustain life.

Junk food takes elements of the natural world and concentrates them in unrealistic and unhealthy combinations. These combinations are hyper-normal. Sugar, salt, fat and other ingredients are combined in concentrations that please our senses but starve our cells.

Given the choice between a candy bar or an apple, most people choose the candy bar. Given the choice between drinking real fruit juice or soda, people choose soda. Given the choice between potato chips or carrots, many people choose the chips.

Entire industries are devoted to producing unhealthy options. They have fooled us into thinking that bad is good. They have successfully sold us a bill of goods. Their products have overruled our senses. Our senses have replaced our logic. Our decision maker has been replaced by our palate.

Lack of perception and lack of wisdom means the loss of discernment. Lack of health ensues.

Movies depict events that are potential in real life but in concentrations seldom encountered except in disasters or orgies. Movies capture the attention because they feed a soul hungry for experience but devoid of real experiences. Movies are a short-cut to the joys of real life adventures.

Professional sports focus on a few hyper-humans. Their exploits, on and off the field, lead us into an unrealistic land of fantasy. It is more fun to watch a screen than to play ball in the back yard. Vicarious has replaced victorious – more virtual and less vivifying experience. Instead of making more opportunities, we have made bigger screens. The heroes have literally become bigger than life.

And then there is pornography. Porn depicts one-dimensional creatures. They are sexual – one dimensional collections of body parts – bodies. Hyper bodies, to be sure and in an unending supply.

Real women, on the other hand, are complex. They are blends of many facets of God’s creation. It is rewarding to know them and discover their hearts and minds and souls with their longings and dreams and fears and loves and wishes. That takes work however, so why not avoid all that hard work and just call on the faux girls who are available at the click of a mouse or the turn of a page.

Junk food destroys the appetite for real food and fills us with empty calories. Porn fills men with unrealistic images, unattainable experiences and sin. The hyper has replaced the real.

We can make choices in life that please our senses but starve our souls. Short term fun has replaced long term accomplishment. How long will we allow the modern world to dupe us into wrong decisions and sinful behavior? How long will we refuse to be responsible for our behavior – behavior that destroys self and society?

Our postmodern minds have discovered how to use the modern machines to destroy us. The false has replaced the real. Our education has failed. C.S. Lewis figured that out a long time ago. He said that we have switched from propagation to propaganda. From essential truth to persuasive rhetoric. Getting grades has replaced acquiring learning.

We have followed teachers who scratch our itching ears.
We have rejected the fountain of living waters.
We have pleased our senses but starved our souls.

The Bible says,

The time will come when they will not endure sound teaching; but,
Because they having itching ears,
• They will heap to themselves teachers after their own lusts;
• They will turn away their ears from the truth, and
• They will turn aside unto that which is not true.
But –You:
• Be self-controlled in all things,
• Suffer hardship,
• Do the work of an evangelist,
• Fulfill your ministry.
From II Timothy 4:3-5


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