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Hearts – Stealing or Healing?

by on February 19, 2014

Stealing Hearts or Healing Hearts?

Do not steal someone’s heart (unless it is the heart of the person you marry!). In marriage you do not steal that person’s heart. You earn the right to have intimate access to their heart as they open their heart to you.

On the other hand, when we flatter, we steal the hearts of those who are unsuspecting and naïve and innocent. When we overemphasize and speak with hyperbole and superfluous words we steal hearts. That is so wrong.

Absalom stole the hearts of his father’s subjects. He sat in the gate and listened to the complaints of the people. They mistakenly thought he really cared for them. He did not. His motives were selfish. That is the way of those who steal the hearts of the people.

Healing hearts means telling the truth – telling the truth with love even when it hurts. It means being willing to be the object of anger if that is the result of telling the truth. When we tell people the truth, they may respond with less than appreciation. But, we still tell the truth – with love and care.

Healing hearts means living from-the-heart, to-the-heart. It means speaking from-the- heart, to-the-heart. It means genuine care that seeks the best for the other person. It means earning the right to know the heart. It means fighting for the heart. Fighting for a heart that wants to die. Fighting for a heart that has given up on life. Fighting for a heart that has no other reason to live except that you are fighting for the life of that heart and giving it a reason to live.

Do not steal hearts. Heal hearts. Bring healing to hearts around you – hearts that are hurting and looking for a reason to live. You may be that reason. The life of God in you can become the life of God in that other person and their heart will be healed.

Speak words of hope and peace and love and value. Those words begin the healing process. Stay close and help them see their value in the eyes of God through your life and words.

The Bible says that counselors need to be filled with goodness and knowledge so they will be able to speak truth into the minds of the people. Goodness wins the heart. Knowledge applied heals the heart. Goodness without knowledge makes the heart vulnerable and makes it easy to steal. Goodness and knowledge together bring healing to the heart.

The heart belongs to the person and to God. Hearts do not belong to you. You can only build strength into the heart with love and care so the heart can find healing in God’s shepherding love that flows through you. The heart must be held until it can beat on its own and then it is the joy of everyone involved to see a healthy heart living and serving the Creator.

Sadly, some people cannot tell the difference between stealing hearts and healing hearts. That is a profound problem. It is a total lack of discernment. Inept counselors steal hearts because they do not know how to heal hearts. Some of these counselors are naive and some are malicious. Well meaning and unqualified onlookers make unwarranted comments from safe distances. This is the wrong way.

God’s way is the only way.

We must give hope-filled words to those who struggle.

We must be filled with goodness to make us people of integrity.

We must be filled with knowledge to make us people of useful application.

See Romans 15:13-14




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