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Magazine cover

by on February 25, 2014

Recently my wife and I were looking at the news on our computer. Included in the news was the cover of a recent sports magazine. The image on the cover was of three girls. The girls were mostly naked.

Is that shocking? Were we shocked?  What was our reaction?

As a man, what was my reaction?

1. Embarrassment – would be the best word for my reaction. I was embarrassed that the persons in the image did not seem embarrassed. They should be.

2. Sadness – Are these persons really as happy as their faces seem to indicate? They are not.  Real beauty is totally missing in the image. What they are doing is driven by money. This is the real sadness. They are not being valued for who they are but they are being exploited for the market value of their images.

3. Outrage – This image will not change my life. It will not linger in my mind. But:

What about the boys who will find this the gate-way to real porn?

What about the men who will sin often and fantasize their way to discontent in their marriage?

What about the girls who will develop dissatisfaction at the body God has given them?

What about the girls who will imitate and display their bodies to their own harm?

4. Disbelief – Is this what traps men? How could that be? Christian men will be trapped by these kinds of images. Why? How? Lack of deeper values in life will lure and trap Christian men. Sin in mind and sin in body and harm to family will result.

5. Respect – Where is the respect men need for girls? Where is the respect girls need to demand from men? Respect should be offered. It should not need to be demanded.

Men offend every woman they know when they allow these images into their minds and lives.

6. Respect – Where is the respect men have for themselves? No self-respecting man would seek out embarrassing images to place into his mind and life. Self-respect and self-control will not allow that. Christian graces will not allow that.

7. Value – What are girls worth? They are beautiful creations of their Creator. They are eternal beings. Their bodies will get old and their real beauty will develop into mature womanhood and eventually into aged, Godly women who teach younger women to also be Godly. That is their real worth. Their fleeting, youthful bodies are not their real value.

8. The real question is: WWJD? You may have a bracelet or other item emblazoned with the WWJD. It that just something to wear or to hang on the mirror of your vehicle, or is it a real question that orders your life?

What would Jesus do? He would weep. And so should you! His creation misused. His beauty misused.  He would provide animal skins for clothing. He would make a sacrifice. He would (and did) become the sacrifice so we can be clothed with fine linen, white and clean.

9. What would Jesus say? – Jesus would say, “Go and sin no more.” He would say, “As jewels in a pig’s nose, so is a beautiful woman without discretion.” He would say, I love you so much that I died for you. Please do not throw your life away by selling yourself for a few dollars.

10. Beauty – This is not beautiful. There are beautiful women in my life: a wife, daughters, grand-daughters, daughters-in-law, students, friends – all beautiful women who would never degrade themselves by displaying their bodies in any sinful way. They are all beautiful. They are skilled and capable – they have real Christian character and they can cook and bake and teach and parent and they love their families.

Don’t I know that this magazine cover does not even qualify as porn?

Of course; in this enlightened age of being “comfortable with people’s bodies” it is no longer considered to be porn. Sadly, things that should shock us no longer shock us. Sin has become commonplace. Inappropriate has become normal. It is still wrong. It is still sin.

Don’t I know what men think and say when they see pictures like that?

Of course. I have heard that talk – I never once participated in that kind of talk and you shouldn’t either. Fill your minds with good things and sin will lose its appeal.

Men, these images will get our attention but, that attention should be measured in micro-seconds. Our redeemed minds can and need to place the lure of sin away from ourselves. “Make no provision for the flesh to fulfill the lusts thereof.”

What needs are these images fulfilling in your life?

Those needs can be met in God’s provisions for you in body, soul, and spirit.

Therefore do not let sin reign in your mortal body, that you should obey it in its lusts.

Romans 6:12

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