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Do No Harm

by on March 1, 2014

First of all – do no harm. This is a rule of life that should precede all of our actions. This is not to ignore the need for Christianity and love of God and neighbor as primary in God’s economy. This is not to ignore the need for training and skill in occupation.

However, as we embark on each event of life, the primary concern is that we do no harm. Do not make a situation worse than it is. Do not cause injury. If you are repairing a motor or counseling a person or restoring a house or teaching a class or filling a tooth; do no harm.

This does not mean that some parts of the repair process will not cause pain. Pain and correction are frequently part of the eventual healing. Just make sure that the pain caused is integral to the healing and not causing the situation to deteriorate.

So, if you cannot fix the problem then let it alone or at least stop before you have caused harm. If the situation is over-your-head, recommend it to someone who has the capability.

Make your commitment to God and His Kingdom. Make your commitment to your family. Learn your skills well. Become proficient at what you do. Stay abreast of developments in your field. Employ your skills.

But above all, in every area of life – do no harm.

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